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Enchantment Aerials is the leading remote aerial video and photography provider in New Mexico. We have a fleet of aircraft to service every type of film or video production, from lightweight quadcopters to the heavy-lift DJI M600 flying a RED or Alexa camera payload. With hundreds of flight hours each, our pilots can execute that perfect shot while ensuring safe operation at all times. Credits include feature films, television, news, advertising, real estate, land mapping and documentary projects. Most importantly, we are an integrated team which combines extensive knowledge in aviation, cinematography, and UAV maintenance. Fully insured and FAA sUAS Part 107 licensed. Current Airspace Authorization for Santa Fe Regional Airport (KSAF) with available current 107.29 – Daylight Operations for night ops.



We provide much more than the average aerial video providers that are so common today. Our specialties include shooting with telephoto lenses, with focal lengths up to 210mm. This creates far more cinematic shots than the wide-angle optics that most multirotor aircraft come equipped with. It also allows us to shoot ultra-high resolution photographs, with 500-megapixel images possible. We have an FAA waiver for nighttime operations, and have aircraft equipped with high-ISO Sony cameras and wide-aperture lenses. We are the only operators in this region who currently operate heavy-lift aircraft equipped to carry full cinema-sized camera. We provide clients up to 6K raw resolution digital cinema files, either from a RED Weapon or Inspire 2 camera system.

Our other services include 3d photogrammetry for high resolution scene reconstructions and industrial site modeling, infrastructure inspection, water runoff modeling, real estate photography, and aerial video processing (editing, compositing, stabilization, CGI). We are always looking to tackle new challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your project!


Enchantment Aerials primarily flies top-of-the-line DJI aerial equipment. Our largest aircraft is the Matrice 600 Pro, with triple-redundant IMU sensors and a hefty 13lb payload at 8,000 feet elevation. This is an industrial-grade platform with a wide range of payload options, from cameras to lighting equipment to LIDAR systems. It can easily carry a RED or Alexa Mini camera with a lens, follow focus, and full 1080p video downlink. The Ronin MX gimbal provides extremely stable shots, and our custom dual-isolation system eliminates all vibration and allows us to fly telephoto lenses. This style of aerial shooting is extremely difficult and requires very close communication between the pilot and camera operator, but it produces very cinematic shots that seamlessly edit with other angles to enhance the narrative of your project.

We also use the smaller Inspire quadcopters to achieve a similar style, with a range of lenses up to 110mm. The Inspire 2 with an X7 camera and 35mm sensor is by far the leader in this category, providing ProRes and CineRAW recording at up to 6K resolution. Our kit includes a 4-piece set of special carbon fiber lenses designed specifically for aerial use: 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm. For even tighter shots, we utilize the X5R camera and custom-weighted Olympus lenses. Our team is always happy to work with producers, cinematographers, and directors to pick the ideal UAS configuration for every shot.

Flight Crew

Owner/Chief Pilot
Estevan Rael
Owner/Chief Pilot
Aerial Photographer
Luke Fitch
Camera Operator/VFX
Jeb Stewart
Pilot/Flight Specialist


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